This post has been migrated and imported into different systems over the years, I have not had a chance to format this post manually so it may be hard to read but I have left it here as a reference.

Recently I was looking for a nice plugin which would let users login to my site with many different social networks. although this plugin won’t work for my original idea, it was perfect right here on my blog where anyone can now login via many different social networks and comment. There are many more social networks to add as well, I am only using part of the networks available. Get it here.

The pros

  • Many social networks

  • Easy to configure

  • Guides to explain how to get up and running

The cons

  • Login handled by third party

  • Branding that can’t be disabled

  • No customization

So what i mean by this is that it is very easy to configure, oneall even has video guides on their website which is very easy to follow in order to get the API credentials for all the sites. However, this could all be handled directly in wordpress, but I appreciate what the author has done and by having it go through a third party application he has controll over the script and can charge money for the service and keep track of how many use it. The side effects of this is the lack of customization available to admins who want to implement the plugin. The plugin is loaded in an iframe and shows branding which is very hard to remove. Many complain about the branding alone and I think it would have been nice for the author to make the display of this optional since the login goes through a third party anyways. Since the social icons are then loaded in an iframe there is very little customization available as well. It’s free though and for someone who is too lazy to develop their own or pay for it it is a very nice plugin. Get it here.