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Recently I decided to try Cities and Motion 2 as it was on sale on steam. Below you will find some game play from me and an avid Twitch streamer, bigswedish. What you will see is us two playing a competitive match on multiplayer as we are learning the game and how it works. Checkout BigSwedish on Youtube here!

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The Review

Cities in motion is a really fun game which goes out on earning as much money as possible as you try to keep all your passengers as happy as possible. The overall goal is to build a transit system using buses, trains, trams, trolleys, boats, and more. You can either play on your own in sandbox mode where you just build freely, play campaign where you will have certain goals that you will need to meet and multiplayer where you can either build a city with someone or compete against their transit system. It’s not a sim city game where you build the city, however you are free to add your own roads and tracks where necessary and the people in the city will build houses where you build.

The game is a bit slow paced but this can be changed in under tools and rulesets where you can modify how long a day is (usually around 30 min) so that it becomes just a few seconds if you wanted to. Rulesets also allows you to modify other factors such as population, vehicle speeds, costs and much more.

As for strategies when playing the game, I found busses to be the easiest and most profitable percentage wise, however the metro trains were the easiest to make big profit from as it requires a lot less building. Buses are flexible as you don’t need a track for them and they can go on pretty much any road. I found boats to be the hardest to make money from but it seems they are better to use when going from one island to another when there is not enough roadways. However you should build some kind of transit system which brings passangers to your boats. That brings me to my next point which is that you can gain a lot of passengers and make money by overlapping and combining different transit system. For example, three different bus lines could bring one passanger from the start of bus line 1, through all of bus line 2 and ending up at the end of bus line 3. In multiplayer mode you could make use of other players transit systems as well.


We have had some smaller issues with multiplayer where a user will sometimes have their game crash and then disconnects from the game. When testing we have never been able to successfully load a saved multiplayer game, both one that was saved when everything was working fine and one save which was done after a user crashed and disconnected.


Even with it’s minor flaws the game works great most of the time in both multiplayer and single player. I would definitely recommend this game, especially if it is on sale!