There are some things on the web that I like to take a look at on an almost daily basis in order to improve, learn new things and keep up to date with whats cutting edge. So the following will be a list of some of my daily habits (the good ones at least).


This isn’t versioning like git or anything like that, it’s Sitepoints own daily newsletter with lots of interesting topics that show you a bit of what other people are working on and has a news summary so you know what you missed while programming away. Let’s take a look at what it has to offer today, I am looking at #614 which had about 18000 subscribers. The first link is to a guide about linear interpolation with CSS which I didn’t know about until I opened the newsletter email this morning. Scrolling down you see a guide on getting to know xdebug better which reminds me, that’s probably something I need to read up on and get better at. Finally we scroll down to news and see an interesting article that discusses wether Google is destroying businesses by being an oracle. By subscribing you get one of these emails every day.


Here you kind of have to find your reddits, I love checking out /r/PHP but there are many more sections out there to explore. I also play a few games and love reading /r/EliteDangerous and /r/wow whenever I have some time to spare.

Good UI

Now you will only get these emails a few times a month but they are still part of my routine, sometimes I come back to them when I don’t have time to read up on everything the first time. Check out their website and feel free to sign up for the newsletter if you want their emails.

Check whats trending on a daily, weekly or monthly basis over on Github Trending. You can sort this list based on programming language which can be useful if you are not interested in projects for any language. There is always a few cool projects I find here and it’s not all about code either. People publish courses, guides and more in github projects such as this project which is just a compiled list of awesome tools for Windows.

Have a look at Stack Overflow

I like to go to Stack Overflow, pick a tag such as PHP and have a look at the most recent questions and jump over to featured questions. Sometimes I find questions that have been unanswered that I can contribute to and sometimes I find questions that could help me learn more or just see how other developers are approaching difficult projects. It’s like looking over a big list of code samples and checking what is good and what is bad.

Hackernews newsletter

This is not a daily habbit but it is something I tend to look at about once a week. It is the hackernews newsletter which typically gives you the latest highlights in tech.

This are all the things I can think of at the moment. If you have something that you visit on a daily basis I would love to hear about it.