Recently I decided to look for a new job and stumbled upon a company called They help programmers find great jobs using a simple process where companies find and invite you to their interviews instead of the other way around. It was a fun feeling to get head hunted and I was able to pick a job that was the right job for me. Below I will outline the process a bit more and tell you about my experience.

Sign up

So the process begins by signing up at where you will fill in all the normal details like your name, address, etc. I would not worry about creating a perfect profile during this stage, just fill in the important details, I copied from my linkedin profile and wrote a basic description. No need to stress here, it’s not important.

A call with a talent rep

So what is really cool about Honeypot is their talent reps who were super helpful when I was using the service. Your first call is a way to make sure you say who you say you are but also a way for them to help you build your profile. You can usually ask a talent rep to help you write a description and import details from your linkedin or other sites where you may have your work history.

Technical Screening

The technical screening is the most important part I believe. It makes sure you fit the role you will be receiving job offers for and also tries to filter out those who don’t know what they are doing. I received a test for a Senior PHP backend developer which was pretty easy in my opinion, there was one or two questions that asked about specific functions where I wasn’t 100% confident that I had the right answer. I ended up with a 100/100 score and went on to the next stage, I am not sure what score you have to get to pass. Please note that the test is timed and I highly recommend that you practice test on a site like Hackerrank before doing the screening test.

Receiving job offers

Once you pass the screening you should review your profile one last time to see that everything looks right, your profile is what companies will see and refer to as your CV. It took a few days before I saw any activity but eventually I got 4 job offers with salary proposals, some even had shares and bonuses included if I signed with them. Now every company is not automatically going to accept you, at this stage you can either decline the company or accept an interview with the company. Remember that if you have any questions you can always talk to your talent rep.


The interviews are handled on companies terms, in my case it was initally Skype interviews with companies and I decided to continue with one interview where I traveled to the company to have an interview in person. The interview process can be different from company to company.

I ended up finding what I would call my dream job. At the moment I am really glad I found the company that I currently work for and I am really glad that I found Honeypot when I did. I hope that other developers will find Honeypot in the same way that I did and that they find their dream jobs as well.