This post has been migrated and imported into different systems over the years, I have not had a chance to format this post manually so it may be hard to read but I have left it here as a reference.

I have always been a bit interested in 3d modeling and designing and decided to give Cinema 4D a shot after seeing what Andreas Wannerstedt created with it and some help with Adobe After Effects. I have no plans to make anything as advanced as what he did but playing around with the physics and such is a lot of fun and very interesting. Here is the link to Andreas’s video on Vimeo called Genesis:

So what I have done looks nothing like that and I have only been playing around with the program for about 5 hours but this is what I have come up with so far.

My name in 3D with particles that create and destroy it.

And then I made several blocks, I believe it comes out to 125 blocks in total and changed the resolution a bit.

Hopefully I will be able to create a nice looking video one day but it will be a little while until I am ready.