This post has been migrated and imported into different systems over the years, I have not had a chance to format this post manually so it may be hard to read but I have left it here as a reference.

This is a translated post from my the swedish version of my blog. I was recently featured in a book published by the eastern swedish chamber of commerce. Out of a total of 30 projects, 2 of my projects were featured in addition to a full page titled “Meet Markus Tenghamn - The Student That Started His Own Company”. The following text is a Google translate version of the actual page.

Markus final year of Computer Science Programme , with a focus on software development, at Mälardalen University (MDH ) . Recently, he started his first company, Anveto AB , but the entrepreneurial path started already 17 years old with a web shop for magic props .
He has clearly entrepreneurial blood in his veins , with a father who sold their company to new American owners. The family moved
with operations to USA and homestead were down in Houston , Texas. Here, read Markus on High School, then Computer Science and Business Accounting at Houston Community College. Three years ago he decided to discontinue their studies in the U.S. and go back to Västerås to read at MDH . Even as a 13 -year-old began Markus programming and making websites . Interest in internet, web , and programming made ​​the company 2 that he started, focused on web hosting. Together with a friend drove Mark this American company from 2009 and the company is still there but his partner is triggered . During the studies on the MDH he got wind of the project
Skills for Growth .

  • A classmate tipped my supervisor that I was interested in, and knew some about , webparsing . It was the start of the project for Cleaning Services and then it went on the fly . The next exciting project I did for Spin Dolphin, where we developed a new interactive tool .

Mark thinks that both projects have taught him a lot and given the opportunity to use new technologies and implement interesting tests . He even bought an extra book in the subject of parsing , ie the art of collecting information from relevant websites and process it.

  • Work with webparsing has given me many exciting business ideas. In my new company Anveto , I will work with the collection of information from users and implement user analyzes. Skills for Growth has given me a good network of contacts and insight into what it ‘s like to work with “real” business . Both companies missions will be important references for me in future work , says Markus.

MDH nominated Mark as candidate for East Sweden Chamber of Commerce Scholarship Rising Star , which rewards young talent in the region.

  • It was fun to participate in the 100th anniversary of interesting seminars and anniversary dinner. I pratademed many different companies and still keep in touch with the winner, Sara Angstrom , at Linköping University , says Markus.

Now he is betting on to finish his studies at MDH , an education that he is very happy with. When asked what he ‘ll be when he gets “ great “ , he replies :

  • I want to run my own company and be able to live on it. Then it would of course be great fun if it becomes something big of it …

There is a PDF version of the book here (Swedish). See page 39 and 40 for my projects. The text above is found on page 49.