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Here is this month’s freebies from Envato. This month features a nice Muse Template, a high res mixer table stock photo, some 3D cloth chairs and sofa, a php widget to show currency rates, a flash flipbook, a stunning logo reveal for After Effects, a set of beautiful icons, and finally some nice music! You get all of this for free when you create a completely free account at the envato marketplace, click here to go to the envato marketplace now!

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Jorjatt - Multi-Purpose One Page Muse Template

If you are have Adobe Muse and wan’t to make a beautiful website then this is the template for you. Completely free, this month only. When downloaded you will receive the template itself and a finished HTML version of the site so that you can see what it looks like. I personally really like the parallax scrolling effect. You can find more information and download this template here.

Jorjatt is a multipurpose One Page Muse Template. It has attractive design with parallax effect. You can edit each and every part of this template to make it work according to your needs. It is suitable for every kind of portfolio, business or agency website.

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Audio Mixer v1.5

This is a really nice photo of an audio mixer which could be used for many things such as creating a website for a recording studio or DJ. Pretty much anything related to sound recording could make use of this image in some way. You can download it for free, this month only, by clicking here.

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Cloth Sofa

This is a pretty neat cloth sofa which is created with 3DS Max. You could use this in many various things such as videos, 3d modelling, video games and more. You can get your free download of this item, this month only, by clicking here.

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JBMarket Currency Rates - Standalone

A nice widget for any site relating to currency, could be a blog or something similar. You can chose which currencies show in addition to the dimensions and colors of the widget. You can download this for free, this month only, by clicking here.

J.B.Currency Rates is a widget allowing you to display currency rates for nearly all currencies across the world.
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  • jQuery driven.

  • Uses AJAX technology.

  • Ability to add/remove, convert currencies and compare them against base currency.

  • Adjustable dimensions.

  • Color customizable (through the stylesheet).

  • Layered PSD included

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Exclusive FlipBook

Get this cool flipbook made in flash. You can edit the photos using Adobe Flash. Get this item for free, this month only, by clicking here.


  • professional design

  • fast loading ( first loads the current page )

  • deep linking

  • you can load the any background (swf file,jpg ,png,flv …. etc – change in xml file )

  • smoothing for background

  • you can change page book size in xml file

  • you can add big photographs of two pages (no need to crop)

  • you can add unlimited pages in xml file

  • player mp3

  • you can mute mp3 player for the page

  • you can add unlimited mp3

  • nice animation icons,

  • you can disable / enable the numbers pages of globally or locally

  • smoothing for pages ( locally or globally)

  • you can load jpg,png and swf file

  • you can change all colors book in xml file

  • ActionScript 2.0

  • auto scale to the size of the browser

  • contact form with PHP

  • view all pages ( automatic generate thumbs)

  • download zip

  • printing pages

  • zoom book ( zoom in, zoom out, zoom 1:1 ,zoom optimal)

  • logo and logo redirect

  • full screen button

  • you can turn off the shadows of the middle for big image

  • four corners enabled

  • keyboard support ( next and prev page )

  • nice shadows

  • you can easily load for your project (atachment example – “load_book.fla” )

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Slice Wave Logo Reveal

This is a perfect logo reveal for anyone who is making videos. Perhaps you are looking at making youtube videos and want a nice way to animate your name or logo for your intros. Get this logo reveal for free, this month only, by clicking here!

Smooth and wavy logo reveal that builds up from vertical slices.


  • 3 logo animations

  • 25 fps

  • 10 second animations

  • No plugins required

  • Handy controls for adjusting background colors

  • Pre-rendered high quality flares included

  • CS5 and higher

  • 1920×1080 and 1280×720 comps

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Iconomous - 100 Outlined Icons

Here or some nice icons that could be used for any project such as an app or website perhaps. Get this icon pack for free, this month only, by clicking here.

Audio Jungle - Birght New Start

And lastly, our final freebie. This is a nice tune which you could have playing for many various projects. Listening to it I feel like it could be used for a movie. Click here to listen and download this file for free, this month only!