It’s been an interesting month to say the least. I sold my apartment in Sweden and moved to Germany to start working as a Tech Lead. It was a bit of a culture shock but it’s not too different from Sweden. The language is something I will have to work on but I am understanding more and more of what is said to me. I was even able to configure my voicemail over the phone which I see as a big accomplishment.

This blog has been very technical over the years, I have had advertising on it, guest bloggers, paid posts and more. It’s been one big experiment that somehow ends up getting 100-200 views per day. From now on I will make the blog more personal and more about me. All the old content will remain but any new posts will be posted over on my new website called

Now why would I start a new website? Well, in my spare time I have decided that I want to start learning Go as I see it is a strong language in the future. Who knows, maybe one day Go will be the new PHP. With Go I can very easily create a web server or a native application that will run on Windows, Linux or Mac (without needing to install Go). So from now on I will try to keep all the technical stuff like how to guides and recommendations on while this blog will be more about me and my own life. will not only feature Go, it will also have PHP guides and pretty much anything else that is related to Go and/or PHP in some way that I find interesting.

Now, learning Go has been fun. I created a password generator called, see lö for the Swedish version. The site has an API which is open to the public and all the source code can be found on my Github. Hopefully someone will find it interesting or useful, I like to use it when I generate passwords for my own accounts.

Finally we get to cryptocurrencies. I had some money left after selling my apartment and put most of it in savings but I decided to throw a small amount on cryptocurrencies. It is a fun topic that I have touched on several times before but never really gotten a good grasp on. I am still learning a lot as I write this and I would consider myself a complete noob. Please note that with cryptocurrencies you are basically taking a gamble as they are queit volatile and sometimes an exchange will just shut down or get hacked.

I logged into my BTC-e account, I had spent $10 on something called peercoin a while back and it was no worth $58, cool, wish I had spent more. After looking around for a bit a decided to put my money in 4 different exchanges. Basically BTC-e, Coinbase, Bitstamp and some new exchange called Cryptopia. Now all of those exchanges except Cryptopia are pretty well known, so why go with this new exchange? Cryptopia has many more coins that are tradable but of course this also turns into higher risk. I also think their DOT coin might hold promise if the exchange gets popular with time. In the end I decided to invest in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, Dotcoin and SiaCoin. It is probably a bit of a gamble but I will try to keep my eyes closed for a year or two to see where it goes.

Hope you enjoyed the post, as always I would love to hear your comments and feedback below!